Friday, May 31, 2013

Unraveling love

She is beautiful 
She is untouchable 
A woman of many and few words
One in a billion 
Intelegent and humble 
Irreplaceable in many ways
To have her would be a blessing
Who wouldn't love me
Look what is right in front of you 
A perfect paridise we could make 
Turning water to wine with just the slightest touch 
No combination can answer the deepest questions of my heart
Unraveling each piece with a fine tooth comb
Crumbling paper after paper and throwing it aside
Trying to write down the words that will open your eyes to me 
Trying to find the perfect remedy to stay myself and still be everything you have dreamed of 
Still light 
Moon light
Talking to the stars 
Dancing with your soul each night
Feeling alright when I finally see the sunlight.

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