Friday, November 22, 2013

True beauty

Falling in love with every eye I meet
Thinking of her I still weep
A change is happening a kind of rebirth 
Overwhelming desire to love myself as myself
I am the one true beauty 
My soul is gentle and warm
Intensely surging with wildfires at times  but still all loving and accepting to what is.
I have a wise one inside of me
Listening to her sets my soul free
Was lost outside of myself 
But going in is the key 
The door i'v opened is one to and overwhelming beauty, that tells me 
God resides inside of me we are one 
God is me.
Once you see with eyes closed you will truly know how to be. 
Just be. 
I am this soul and this vessel carries me.
even when I shed this skin I'm still within.
Beauty is within.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Chasing a dream, I fell in a hole
Down so deep, and o so very cold.
Down in this hole there is nothing to see.
All there is are the whispers and screams.
Darkness consumes, no light to be seen
My feet are bare, 3 feet deep, in this water that surrounds me.
7x7 not so lucky.
Concreate walls slippery and slimy,
Look up, look down, no one will find me.
I call and I cry and the blood boils over.
Death is upon me no time for a one eye wonder.
Scratching and screaming with all my might I fight, I fight, I fight !
I wish I may, I wish I might, find that piece of my soul tonight
Not even the whispers feel near. 
I feel dead inside, now what is there to fear?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My escape

Wild and free
Don't tell me how I'm suppose to be
She makes me feel like its all ok
Holding her is worth more than my last breath 
She keeps me alive 
Bleeding inside 
Pain threw my veins
At least I'm feeling something
Cut me open and taste my poison
Addicted to her being
Soul clinching to what was lifetimes ago
Seeping into darkness 
She shines her light and I see the way out
Deeper now than ever before
A spherical complacent desire
Soaking up what was once before
Find our souls slaying the sickness that the followers desire
The real 
The seeker in me
Smothering in your grace I hold on for dear life
I'm alive, finding myself today 
Changing glass sphere
Looking glass 
Capturing what is left of me
Setting me free to be me
I found myself today in her
Something else was falling away 
A weakness of the broken 
Soothes my soul to be next to her in any way 
I love you, my escape 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Unraveling love

She is beautiful 
She is untouchable 
A woman of many and few words
One in a billion 
Intelegent and humble 
Irreplaceable in many ways
To have her would be a blessing
Who wouldn't love me
Look what is right in front of you 
A perfect paridise we could make 
Turning water to wine with just the slightest touch 
No combination can answer the deepest questions of my heart
Unraveling each piece with a fine tooth comb
Crumbling paper after paper and throwing it aside
Trying to write down the words that will open your eyes to me 
Trying to find the perfect remedy to stay myself and still be everything you have dreamed of 
Still light 
Moon light
Talking to the stars 
Dancing with your soul each night
Feeling alright when I finally see the sunlight.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet daydreamer

Something's gotta give 
Your all I want 
can't you see 
my heart burning for you
Let me love you for evermore 
Seeping deep into ecstasy 
I want to stay forever in your brown eyes
Suger is sweet but your lips are sweeter 
Love you more than you've ever been loved before
hold you closer than anyone knows how to 
Take you deeper than two souls have ever gone before
Sweetest love you are my love
conquer all your fears and let me be near
Take all of me and taste it so sweet
love every inch of you soft and so brand new 
sleeping next to you is more than a dream it captures my being and sets my soul free
flying threw space 
Becoming a star 
You shine brighter than sirius on the clearest of nights
seeping deep into my soul 
Let me love you baby it's getting cold
hold you closer than you've ever been held before
love your more than you've ever felt before
come to me sweet daydreamer
sink into this everlasting beauty
let our love feed your hunger
take all of me, I want no other.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Far away seas

Far away seas
Oceans are deep 
Can't find reason 
chaseing this dream
dream within a dream
Beautiful soul 
 Under Pressure 
day dreaming
last forever
misplaced danger
open now
Close doors open
Flowing over
Deeper power
Stronger feelings 
slow it down
easy back up
feeling stronger
Wait forever
Long time coming
switch off loving 
feelings shattered
blood soaked floor

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Golden sapphires

her eyes like golden sapphires, seep deep into me.
pulling on my soul till the need for this body is no more.
a spiritual experiences.
to deny my intense emotions would be the death of me.
to encompass them gives another meaning
for the first time desire of flesh is trumped, by what once was thought as unattainable.
undoubtedly, i give my heart to you, it is encased within those golden sapphires.
heavenly lips touch my fingertips, holding back the tears is all i can do, to keep from exploding.
to know the universe in one being is attainable.

she is earth and i water, together we grow all the true beauty of the world.
so, i will swim into uncharted waters to encompass the ambiance of the earth at its core.

i see it now.
i feel it now.
take this and carry it with you, always stopping to feel the flowers pulse.
so, in this life and all others, i give my heart to you and no other.