Thursday, May 24, 2012

cheating death

smoldering flesh soaked with nectar
cringe at the black crow that surrounds my bones
cotton mouth and sand in between my toes
every step deeper into this desert
the storm is coming
death simmers at my door
do i open the door
or be no more
death is not the end but the beginning of beginnings
invincible ill take the leap
open the door and sleep
sleep sleep sleep............

Monday, May 7, 2012

two souls becoming one

safe in your eyes is where my soul lay down
deep oceans of gray spiral down and cave in
curves of soft pastels and ink lay beneath your cherry
slippery rocks on mountaintops water falls off your skin like tear drops
succulent blossoms encase my being
i could not ask the sun that sees all the earth to gaze upon a deeper beauty
 o how could i not love that which by definition is love
 breathless and shaking
warmth of your skin overcoming my emotions are raw
you've seen my soul and i yours
nothing more is needed
knowingly our souls are bleeding
encompassed by earth sleep is needed

Friday, May 4, 2012

beneath cloaked eyes

his eyes they seize the souls of many
possessed there trust is unconditional
but beneath those cloaked eyes are lies
he is a predator with the best disguise
madman is what was found
silent screams of a world unseen
final drips at the end of a bottle
blitzed to keep another kind of demon at bay
drug induced and sleepwalking
never knowing what could have been
this man was once a boy
his soul is tattered and worn
never really had a chance
the darkness seeped threw every vein
capturing what little light was left
only leaving the eyes behind
to live only threw another life
these eyes they have seen many
nights and days of uncontrollable hate
blood boils beneath the surface
itching to find a way out
these demons lurk
the corners of my mind are of the darkest places
my souls fight over the prize
that is to been seen threw these eyes
these eyes of mine

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the bottom of the abyss

crunching charcoal
swimming in turpentine
wishing of ways
ways to keep the darkness at bay
flipping threw memories
my own personal database
i am filled with wonder of how i make it threw this slumber
chilled heart
burning mind
no more fear of the darkness
acceptance is needed
forgiveness i bleed it
restless and screaming
bound and clinging
hoping i don't fall off into the abyss
in the middle of my mind
at the bottom
all will be lost
sanity no longer will be mine