Friday, November 22, 2013

True beauty

Falling in love with every eye I meet
Thinking of her I still weep
A change is happening a kind of rebirth 
Overwhelming desire to love myself as myself
I am the one true beauty 
My soul is gentle and warm
Intensely surging with wildfires at times  but still all loving and accepting to what is.
I have a wise one inside of me
Listening to her sets my soul free
Was lost outside of myself 
But going in is the key 
The door i'v opened is one to and overwhelming beauty, that tells me 
God resides inside of me we are one 
God is me.
Once you see with eyes closed you will truly know how to be. 
Just be. 
I am this soul and this vessel carries me.
even when I shed this skin I'm still within.
Beauty is within.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Chasing a dream, I fell in a hole
Down so deep, and o so very cold.
Down in this hole there is nothing to see.
All there is are the whispers and screams.
Darkness consumes, no light to be seen
My feet are bare, 3 feet deep, in this water that surrounds me.
7x7 not so lucky.
Concreate walls slippery and slimy,
Look up, look down, no one will find me.
I call and I cry and the blood boils over.
Death is upon me no time for a one eye wonder.
Scratching and screaming with all my might I fight, I fight, I fight !
I wish I may, I wish I might, find that piece of my soul tonight
Not even the whispers feel near. 
I feel dead inside, now what is there to fear?