Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wonderland in my hand

you want in my head, ill let you in 
i hope you shall survive
and be the first to look into my third eye
so ill let you go for a walk
down the yellow brick road
stop by wonderland
and have a cup of mad hatters tea
swim in tea cups and try not to flee
sea side slumber
one man wonder
feeling crazy, a little hazy
ask and you shall receive
i'm no God
so don't put me up as one
you want sweet then ill throw skittles at your head
and you can taste the fucking rainbow
go deeper you've just started peeling back the layers
rip off my skin i don't mind
 i'm a chameleon of many kinds
pick your face and wear it with taste
or you'll just be another waste
lost in wonderland without a trace