Sunday, May 12, 2013

Golden sapphires

her eyes like golden sapphires, seep deep into me.
pulling on my soul till the need for this body is no more.
a spiritual experiences.
to deny my intense emotions would be the death of me.
to encompass them gives another meaning
for the first time desire of flesh is trumped, by what once was thought as unattainable.
undoubtedly, i give my heart to you, it is encased within those golden sapphires.
heavenly lips touch my fingertips, holding back the tears is all i can do, to keep from exploding.
to know the universe in one being is attainable.

she is earth and i water, together we grow all the true beauty of the world.
so, i will swim into uncharted waters to encompass the ambiance of the earth at its core.

i see it now.
i feel it now.
take this and carry it with you, always stopping to feel the flowers pulse.
so, in this life and all others, i give my heart to you and no other.

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