Friday, March 30, 2012

koi fish beauty

a single beauty
koi fish
swimming threw dense water
deep blue sea
thunderous ocean
uncharted water
black and blue
break time needed
gray eyes now
blood shed
no matter how beautiful
this koi fish
thrown into a pool of sharks
color blind and hungry
no chance of life
swim fast
hit a wall
swim faster
run out of breath
they circle in
only way to survive is to be broken
where the skin of a shark
underneath is beauty
skin deep
no not this time

Monday, March 26, 2012

beloved perilous

searching for what once was life
breath of fresh air
dark eyes and sunlight soul
i can't get you out of my mind
your face fills my dreams
to love and not be know
my soul aches for your touch
if only once
sleep i see you
dream i know you
live to keep you
itching to feel the magnitude of desire
until we meet my soul sleeps
leaping at the chance to grasp your skin
taste your sweet lips
stay with you in solitude
love at first sight
i can only hope for a veracious witness
but one only has to look into my eyes to see truth
my beloved perilous

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mother natures eyes

sun shining down
breeze running threw my sleeves 
heart beating fast as i run threw these trees
could it be me?
soul showing 
naked no shame 
slow down
hit the ground
the grass hugs my skin 
i feel this earths heartbeat 
beating like a drum we become one
this mud is my blood 
look threw mother natures eyes 
can you see it when she cry's
i close my eyes for a minute and i loose my beat
buildings tower over me this ground is not my friend
i listen and hear nothing
no heart beat to be found 
smoke fills are lungs and they stand high on there pedestal of mind
blinded by a certain kind of green that makes them mean
come down 
it must be so lonely
living up that high
but they cant even see the sky
darkness sweeps threw the air
breaking what once was trust
mother don't be sad 
i to am going mad
back to the place where we first began 
we are not so far away
from seeing her wrath 
she does fight back
with the fury of a woman on fire 
sleep ever so peacefully my friend 
for we are on the right team
we will win in the end 

Monday, March 19, 2012

always with you

If I’m not here I’m there
 But I’m always with you
Look deeper into yourself and find the soul of one
You and me we are one.
 A flower grows and dies all at once
 A sequence of beauty
Beauty in life
Beauty in death
 Cycle of souls unleashed to me
 Bring me love and love I will.
The abyss is far and wide
 The core leads to others
Find them there and keep them near
The lovers of lovers,
 See without sight
 Bring me back to where we first met
 I’ll stay in my coma with you forever.

parallel lines

Two parallel lines
The universe is never ending
 A knowledge that goes on and on
 We can never stop learning
 A tree grows and on the surface its growing stops
 But the roots go deep in different directions Connecting to other growth
 A circle of connections
 Always connecting and growing together
 Peel back the layers of earth
 And see the roots in you

Saturday, March 17, 2012

heart like a lion

Unforgivable? No! Life is only for a moment Flashes of lightning are seen in a blink of an eye living inside the box will eat away at my soul Kindhearted and gentile Try to see threw my eyes if only for a moment Speak only if spoken to walk this way talk this way Do as I say don't think for yourself that would be to much to handle No! I refuse to be a robot A heart like a lion The spirit of an eagle flying is the only way I know how to be So just let me be be me my love is forever Heart as light as a feather Fear is only fear

Friday, March 16, 2012

love is never ending even in the darkest of places

your ripping out my heart
after you have already set the flame
your going to burn yourself my dear
so go on and take that walk of shame
torched soul walk down this shameful road
i cry tears of blood rivers
my heart is screaming out let these people go
but no they pump them with the sickness they call medicine
it reeks of death here in this loathsome jail
trapped away in a state of unconsciousness
take away this pain they scream
o God i see you weep
just when i think there is no hope
i step outside and hug this big oak
breath deep
air taken for granted
let it swim threw your lungs
smell the sweet dew melting in the summer heat
and i see
o how i see your love
spreading everywhere and everyone you touch
as i walk back in there is a silence
a certain kind of remedy
and i send my energy
passing threw each hospital room
your love covers
healing what once was sorrow

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

forever love

Forever love

Eat my soul with it's tasteful melody
speak forever of serenity 
get lost with me for eternity
i ache for the touch of your iris
wonders of stars go threw my veins like ships from uncharted waters 
blink once and loose a lifetime 
never dream of less than forever 
grasp onto my lungs and send me high sky flying 
behind heaven just a background 
left walking alone on a cold road i hear the whispers of mountain monsters
covering half of the jokers face laughing with ignorance of power 
your senses return to there natural wonder within her soul is the sunlight
a shooting star threw the moonlight brings me back down and crashes
forever within your ashes of ashes