Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet daydreamer

Something's gotta give 
Your all I want 
can't you see 
my heart burning for you
Let me love you for evermore 
Seeping deep into ecstasy 
I want to stay forever in your brown eyes
Suger is sweet but your lips are sweeter 
Love you more than you've ever been loved before
hold you closer than anyone knows how to 
Take you deeper than two souls have ever gone before
Sweetest love you are my love
conquer all your fears and let me be near
Take all of me and taste it so sweet
love every inch of you soft and so brand new 
sleeping next to you is more than a dream it captures my being and sets my soul free
flying threw space 
Becoming a star 
You shine brighter than sirius on the clearest of nights
seeping deep into my soul 
Let me love you baby it's getting cold
hold you closer than you've ever been held before
love your more than you've ever felt before
come to me sweet daydreamer
sink into this everlasting beauty
let our love feed your hunger
take all of me, I want no other.

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