Friday, April 26, 2013

Mystery blues

Flaming heart
Seashell grooves
Wonder blues
Carry me into the sea
See threw the looking glass
The tree of life is breathing slow
Wondering where will we go
Seeping nectar threw my pours
Tip toe threw unknown doors
Don't know where the lotus has been
Hold tight to the serenity
Grasping the last breath of mystery.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

itching at the edge of freedom

itching at the edge of freedom
flapping my wings
who ever decided penguins can't fly
swimming in waters that nurture my being
fast and free
lust filled thoughts of the face i fell in love with today
who will i fall in love with tomorrow
skipping beats in ecstasy
remembering to breath is harder than it seems
lips mixing honey and wine and its all mine
free for a moment
moments last forever in dreams of the unseen
sculpting hearts to clasp eternity
sunshine eyes and zen minds
when dreaming of forever becomes reality.