Saturday, July 27, 2013

My escape

Wild and free
Don't tell me how I'm suppose to be
She makes me feel like its all ok
Holding her is worth more than my last breath 
She keeps me alive 
Bleeding inside 
Pain threw my veins
At least I'm feeling something
Cut me open and taste my poison
Addicted to her being
Soul clinching to what was lifetimes ago
Seeping into darkness 
She shines her light and I see the way out
Deeper now than ever before
A spherical complacent desire
Soaking up what was once before
Find our souls slaying the sickness that the followers desire
The real 
The seeker in me
Smothering in your grace I hold on for dear life
I'm alive, finding myself today 
Changing glass sphere
Looking glass 
Capturing what is left of me
Setting me free to be me
I found myself today in her
Something else was falling away 
A weakness of the broken 
Soothes my soul to be next to her in any way 
I love you, my escape 

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